SEO Consultancy

My SEO consultancy services cover a range of different aspects, and they’re outlined below. Click the button on the right to book your first consultation.

SEO Consultancy

My SEO consultancy services cover a range of different aspects, and they’re outlined below. Click the button below to book your first consultation.

What Do You Get?

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is all about optimising the content on your pages, including title tags, internal links, and keyword usage

Backlink Analysis

I’ll analyse your website’s backlink profile so you can learn which links are toxic and strategies for gaining high-quality links

Keyword Strategy

I’ll show you which keywords you should be targeting and how to optimise for the ones you’re already trying to target


Improve your site’s authority in line with Google’s Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust guidelines

Content Strategy

I’ll help you construct a content strategy that ranks for more keywords, gets more traffic, and generates more revenue

Technical SEO

I’ll audit the technical side of your site, helping Google crawl, index, and rank your content

Chris Hanna SEO's Consultancy Services

Growing Your Online Presence

I provide a range of SEO consultancy services designed to help you grow your online presence. While improving your rankings and increasing organic traffic are part of this, SEO is really just a means to an end.

The real goal is to grow your business and make you more money. One of the best ways to do this in the digital world is with an effective SEO strategy. 

Simple SEO Consultancy

I want to help you make more money, but I want to do it in as simple a manner as possible. That’s why I offer a straightforward SEO consultancy service that focuses on adding value to your business.

I won’t just tell you that you need more backlinks and to write more content – I’ll show you exactly where your website is lacking compared to competitors, and conduct extensive audits to show you where your website’s issues are.

No Monthly Contracts

You don’t need to sign up to a 3+ month contract with no get-out clauses. I provide simple pricing packages that only provide you with the assistance your business needs. My goal is to give you the tools to succeed well into the future – long after you stop paying me!

I do offer monthly retainer options, but I understand not every business needs a time-bound contract. You can let me know which method suits you best in the ‘Message’ field in the form below.

Tailored To Your Business' Needs

My SEO consultancy services cover a vast range of checks and recommendations for your website. But every business is unique and needs something different from their SEO consultant.

After an initial consultation (or email conversation, if you prefer), I’ll put together a tailored package that offers maximum value. My SEO consultancy services are designed to be a valuable investment for your business, not just an expense.

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