Content Audit Service

My content audit services help you understand how to make your content more helpful and outrank your competitors. Click the button on the right to get in touch about your content audit.

Content Audit Service

My content audit services help you understand how to make your content more helpful and outrank your competitors. Click the button below to get in touch about your content audit.

What Do You Get?

Full Content Evaluation

I’ll assess your chosen content from top to bottom, providing guidance you can apply to other content too

EEAT Audit

I’ll assess how well you meet Google’s guidelines for Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trust

Competitor Analysis

There’s no use checking your content without assessing what you’re up against in Google search results

SEO Analysis

I’ll cover every aspect of the content’s SEO, from keyword use to how well it meets search intent

Readability Assessment

I’ll use my experience as an editor to highlight spelling, grammar, and readability issues with your content

Full Audit Report

Full assessment of your content with actionable guidance to improve every aspect of it

Chris Hanna SEO's Content Audit

What Is A Content Audit?

My SEO content audit covers every aspect of what makes a piece of content:

  • Helpful
  • Valuable
  • High-performing

Your content needs to help your users get what they want. By doing this, you can get what you want. Whether that’s more traffic, more email subscribers, or more sales.

Better content can make you more money. And a content audit is the best way to find out if your current approach is the right one, or if you need to make some changes.

I can assess one piece of your content or multiple, depending on your needs (I can also audit a specific area of your site, like categories). I recommend starting with one piece, as not only will this help you decide if continuing to work with me is the right choice, but you’ll also be able to apply the guidance to other pieces of content too.

This lets you get maximum value for your money.

The Audit Process

I have 4+ years of experience as a writer and editor in the SEO world, alongside my SEO experience itself. I’ve written and edited millions of words in all sorts of niches. All of it optimised for users and search engines.

I know what great content looks like. I know what helpful content looks like. And I know what high conversion rate, money-making, successful content looks like. 

My content audit involves a top-to-bottom assessment of your chosen piece(s) of content. I’ll assess everything I outline above and more.

I’ll then provide you with a detailed audit report, along with a video explaining the key aspects of your content you need to improve if you want better rankings.

Why Do You Need A Content Audit?

You’ve probably heard of the Helpful Content signals Google uses as part of its ranking systems. These cover a lot of different aspects of your content, from providing authentic value to showing clearly why you can be trusted.

It’s a site-wide signal. The system automatically determines what content is helpful and what isn’t, and if your site has a lot of unhelpful content, even the good content can suffer as a result.

So, understanding how to create helpful content is key if you want to perform well in Google search results. A great place to start is with a content audit. 

This shows you where your current content is not helpful, and helps generate a roadmap you can implement for all future new content and content updates. Pay once, benefit many times over, long into the future.

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