Get an SEO Audit That's
Tailored to Your Needs

An SEO Audit with a Difference

I provide personalised SEO website audits that go beyond simple tool report sheets. I show you (with a video) exactly where the most important issues lie with your website’s SEO and user experience.

I keep it simple, avoiding SEO jargon (and explaining it clearly when I do need to use it). I give you actionable tips and guidance, rather than just saying “you’re doing this wrong” and “stop doing that!”

Any guidance I give is based on a combination of:

  • Google’s guidelines (obviously)
  • My own experience and testing
  • Best practices and findings of top SEO’s across the world

I’m Chris! An SEO expert with 4+ years in the industry, ready to help you grow your online presence

No Obligation, Just Maximum Value

Each of the SEO audit packages below is designed with one goal in mind:

Giving you the maximum possible value with the minimum possible investment and risk on your part. 

Not every website and business owner is ready to commit to a £2,000 audit when they first realise that SEO could be the investment their business needs. These audit packages are designed to allow you to test the waters so to speak. And to find out:

  • A – If I’m the right person for the job
  • B – If an SEO audit is the right investment for your business (for some sites, an extensive audit simply isn’t the best choice*)
  • C – Some quick, actionable, high-value insights you can implement the moment you receive the audit

You won’t be obligated to work with me beyond this audit. Nor will you be signed up to any mailing lists where I try and sell you an SEO course every week (or worse—someone else’s course through an affiliate link).

But I’m confident the value I provide with the audit packages below will show you I’m the right person to help you improve your site’s SEO in a sustainable, cost-effective way.

*This is often true for new sites with just a few pages, or for those where other services, like content strategy or competitor research would provide more value (and generally be less expensive)

This Audit Is NOT Generated By A Tool

While I use some of the top SEO tools, I personally conduct your SEO audit instead of sending you a generic, cookie-cutter report. So you get far more actionable advice you can actually use to grow your traffic and your business.

I create a personalised, unique audit report based on your website and industry. You won’t just receive a checklist of things you’ve passed or failed. I give you details on why each check is important, along with recommendations for fixing issues and leveraging opportunities.

You won’t be left wondering what to do with all the information. You’ll have a clear idea of changes you need to make to improve your rankings. (If not, you can always ask me questions of course!)

So, which SEO audit package is right for you?

Getting sustainable traffic growth isn’t easy. Setting solid SEO foundations with an audit can ensure you start things off on the right foot.

Entry Level

Best for new sites or those with fewer than 50 pages
£ 30
  • 15-minute SEO audit video
  • Detailed checklist of key findings
  • Easy way to find quick SEO wins

Booster Audit

The ideal choice for those with up to 300 pages
£ 75
  • 20-minute SEO audit video
  • 30-point detailed SEO checklist
  • Multi-page SEO audit report + guidance

Advanced Package

Best for larger sites with 500+ pages
£ 200
  • 30-minute SEO audit video
  • 75-point detailed SEO checklist
  • 10+ page report with detailed analysis

IMPORTANT: I of course offer full SEO audits that cover far more than even a 30-minute video can detail (the kind of audits that might take 20+ hours to complete). The options above essentially serve as an introduction option if you’re not quite sure what your site needs. You can learn more about my full SEO audit service, or you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page. This will let me put together a fully customised audit package for your website. 

What Do You Get in These Audits?

Simple, Actionable Guidance

You receive a detailed video audit of your site’s SEO and overall design with each package. I don’t just jump into your site and record an off-the-cuff video. I don’t believe that provides maximum value for you.

I spend time beforehand going through your website, looking for various issues. I make notes, and form a video around those findings that I then record, edit, and send across to you. 

It’s hopefully clear that, while you might get a 15, 20, or 30-minute video audit depending on the package you choose, I’ll typically spend much longer than that analysing your website.

Chris Hanna SEO Free audit example.

Checklist & Report (Booster/Advanced Packages Only)

If you opt for the Booster or Advanced audit packages, you get a checklist and also a detailed, easy-to-read audit report.

The checklist contains columns for checks I perform, an explanation of what the check means and why it’s important, notes relevant to your specific website, and a priority score. So you can easily understand what you need to do and when you should do it.

The audit report goes into more detail on the most important issues I found, and provides some additional context for the checks and the recommendations I make.

All of this should make it easy for you to understand what you need to do to improve your website.

Frequently Asked Questions About My SEO Audits

Why Should I Choose You?

I’m confident that if you choose one of the packages above, you’ll receive an SEO audit that’ll blow you away with value. You’ll get a personalised video audit from an SEO expert, delivered within 24-48 hours, providing actionable tips you can implement straight away within your site to help boost your rankings, get more traffic, and convert more visitors into customers.

I think that’s a pretty good deal. 

If you don’t feel like I did quite enough, I’ll offer a full refund. Minimal risk on your part, with the potential for some incredible value in return.

Do I Need to Sign Up for Anything Else?

Nope. This is a no-obligation SEO audit package. Sure, I’ll be buzzing if we can continue working together after the first audit!

But I know not every website owner is ready to commit to spending much on their SEO. I’ve been there myself where a simple £40 audit or consultation is all I could afford to point me in the right direction.

But if you do want more after the audit (like a more extensive look at your site, custom keyword and content strategy, or other SEO services), then I can put together a tailored plan and get things moving as soon as you need.

(Oh yeah, you also won’t be signed up to a mailing list or anything. I’ll only be in touch about this specific audit where required.) 

What Do You Need From Me?

I just need the domain you want me to audit (you’ll fill that in on the next page, or in the form below if you need a more customised package). Nothing else. Then I can get to work while you go do more important things without worrying about giving me access to anything.

How Long Will It Take?

I aim to complete all audits purchased above within 1-2 business days, regardless of the package you choose. During exceptionally busy periods, I’ll let you know how long I estimate it’ll take. I’ll also update the text below when things change, so you know what to expect as an estimated timeline when you read this.

Current wait time: 24-48 hours as of the 4th of March, 2024.

Get a Tailored SEO Audit Package

One of the core principles of my process as an SEO consultant is personalisation. The three audit packages above cover some of the most common use cases where a cost-effective SEO audit makes sense. But some websites need more than that. Or something in between.

So, I can also provide you with a 100% tailored SEO audit package suited to your website’s specific needs. If you’re not sure if the options above are going to tick all the right boxes for you, let me know what those boxes are below!